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Extra Wide Shipping Containers - Modulate Containers


Extra Wide Containers: Revolutionary Solutions for Expanding Usable Spaces

At Modulate, we take pride in our innovative solutions that push the boundaries of what shipping containers can offer.


Our Extra Wide Containers, featuring our patented widening technology, are a game changer when it comes to creating functional and spacious environments. Whether you're looking to set up a productive office, a functional workshop, an ablution unit, a trendy café, a stylish bar, or a cozy accommodation unit, our Extra Wide Containers provide the perfect solution by offering what standard size shipping containers simply can't: more space!

Unleash the Potential of Extra Wide Containers

1. Versatile Application for Various Industries

Our Extra Wide Containers cater to a diverse range of industries, providing limitless possibilities for creating unique and eye-catching spaces. Whether you're in the hospitality sector, need a practical workspace, or desire a comfortable living space, our containers can be tailored to meet your specific requirements.

2. Efficient and Product Office Spaces

Gone are the days of cramped and cluttered office environments. Our Extra Wide Containers provide an excellent solution for creating modern and efficient workspaces. With the extra space, you can incorporate dedicated workstations, collaborative areas, meeting rooms, and even relaxation zones. Enhance productivity and boost employee morale with a spacious office setup.

3. Expand Your Business with Spacious Cafes and Bars

With our Extra Wide Containers, you can transform your café or bar into a spacious and inviting hotspot. The additional width offers ample room for comfortable seating arrangements, a well-equipped bar, and trendy interior designs. Stand out from the crowd and provide your customers with an extraordinary experience.

4. Accommodation Units: Compact Living with Maximum Comfort

Discover the perfect blend of compact living and comfort with our Extra Wide Containers. These containers are an ideal choice for businesses and individuals seeking a minimalist lifestyle or a cozy getaway. Experience the freedom to customize your accommodation unity with a fully functional kitchen, cozy bedroom, and a comfortable living area. Embrace simplicity without compromising on comfort.

Benefits of Extra Wide Containers

Extra Space

Shipping containers come in standard sizes of approximately 2.4 metres wide and lengths of 6 metres or 12 metres.


Considering the need to insulate the metal box to be habitable through our Aussie summers and winters, this can reduce the useful area available. 


A single container is too narrow to get a really efficient layout and 2 containers, joined in the middle is more expensive and not as portable compared to a standard single container.

Introducing Modulate's patented widened Shipping Containers. Our widened Modified Shipping Container range (up to 4.5m) keeps the benefits of a standard shipping container while making it more human-sized and consequently more comfortable.

Modulate 20ft Widened Containers

Modulate 40ft Widened Containers


Are you looking to create more space in your yard?


Despite the extra width, you can still stack the Modulate Office Containers on top of each other without any hassle. All you need is Modulate's stackable linking locks, which can be purchased as optional items.  

container stacked.effectsResult.png
container stacked view-2.effectsResult.p
Modulate Containers Truck.png


Just like standard shipping containers, Modulate's Offices are extremely portable. They are easy to transport even for long distances and are able to withstand harsh transport conditions.


The portable office may be transported by road using the internal standard container twist lock configuration, so there is no need for chains and straps to secure it down.

Easy to load and unload from the truck, the Modulate Office may be titled off or lifted using a suitable crane.

Cyclone Rated

The Modulate Widened Container structure is engineered and manufactured to withstand Category 2 and 3 cyclonic wind categories. The Office is ideal for any regions in Australia, including regions C and D in Queensland, Western Australia and Northern Territories.


25 Year Design Life

Our Modular Buildings are built with a 25 year design life and are manufactured to the highest Australian standards.

The weathering steel that shipping containers are made of creates a regenerative protective layer when it oxidises, which prevents it from further corrosion to withstand the elements.

Finally, a portable building that will save you huge money on maintenance compared to other Modular Buildings.

Extra Wide Shipping Container - Modulate Containers

Pick your Size

With a variety of sizes and styles to choose from, we have the perfect modified shipping container building for you.


Contact us today to learn more about our standard or extra wide shipping containers and how they can help you.

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