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Zig Zag Railway Station Cafe

Container Size

6.10m x 2.4m New Build High Cube (HC) Shipping Container


Premium Heavy Duty Paint - Colorbond Monument

Personal Access (PA) Door

1 x Personal Access Door - 820mm W x 2040mm H

Service Awning

1 x Service Awning - 4000mm W x 1200mm H
1 x Service Awning - 2000mm W x 1200mm H


Flat Lay Vinyl Sheet - R10 Slip Resistant & 150mm Coving


50mm Fire Retardant Bondor Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Panelling


2 x Premium Vents (400mm x 400mm) for Refrigeration Exhaust

Servery Benches

1 x Timber Servery Bench (1800mm) - Recycled Blackbutt Timber
1 x Timber Servery Bench (4000mm) - Recycled Blackbutt Timber

Floor Waste

1 x Premium Vinyl Floor Waste

Air Conditioning

1 x Split System Air Conditioning 3.5kw - Externally Mounted on Brackets


6 x LED Downlights
1 x Exit Light
1 x Smoke Detector
3 x Pendant Lights
2 x Phone/data point
8 x 10amp GPO
1 x 20amp GPO - Coffee Machine
1 x Switchboard - IP56 12 Pole Switchboard
2 x Light Switch
1 x Jbox

Cafe Equipment

1 x Chilled Counter Top Display - 146ltr
1 x Pie Warmer & Hot Food Display
1 x Stainless Steel Large Double Contact Grill
1 x Commercial Stainless Steel Microwave - 25ltr
1 x Two Glass Door Colorbond Upright Drink Fridge
1 x Stainless Steel Triple Door Workbench Fridge
1 x Stainless Steel Double Door Workbench Freezer
1 x Knee Operated Sink Handbasin
1 x Stainless Steel Interleaved Paper Towel Dispenser
1 x Stainless Steel Hands Free Soap Dispenser Vertical
1 x Hot Water System - 50ltr
1 x Premium Stainless Steel Double Centre Sink Bench with Pot Undershelf
1 x Pre-Rinse Faucet Mixer
3 x Premium Stainless Steel Work Bench with Undershelf


Tiled Back Wall with Subway Tiles - White

Nestled in the breathtaking Blue Mountains at the Zig Zag Railway, we're excited to introduce you to the Station Café, a shining example of Modulate's modular building prowess with a personal touch. This isn't just any café layout; it's been given a few special tweaks to make it truly stand out, tailored specifically to blend with its enchanting surroundings.

One of the standout features is the additional awning on the end wall, which isn't just for show. It's practical, too, with gas struts for easy manual operation, and we can even upgrade it to electric actuators for those who appreciate a bit more convenience in their morning routine.

Our trademark foldable timber servery benches are here as well, made from eco-friendly recycled blackbutt timber and finished with a durable hard wax oil. It's our nod to both sustainability and style.

The custom signage for Zig Zag Railway is something we're particularly proud of. Created from three millimetre steel plate with a plasma cutter, it adds a unique character to the café that's both inviting and memorable.

Step inside, and you'll find a well-thought-out space designed for both efficiency and hygiene. The knee-operated hand wash station, double dish sink, and 50-litre hot water system ensure that your café operations run smoothly and meet Australian food health and safety standards without a hitch.

We've decked out the café with all the essentials, including a tall display fridge, an under bench fridge and freezer combo with a stainless steel worktop, and all the stainless steel benches you could need. We've even thrown in a pie oven and a chilled display unit for good measure. The glossy white subway tiles on the back wall give a nod to the railway theme, and we're all about customisation if you have a different vision in mind.

For the floors, we chose dark R11 anti-slip vinyl with curved edges, perfect for handling the hustle and bustle of café life and making clean-up a breeze. The lighting setup, featuring downlights and chic black pendant lights over the servery, creates just the right ambience for a cosy café feel.

And because we know the devil is in the details, we've included plenty of power points throughout the café, ensuring everything from your coffee machine to your latest gadget has its place.

This Station Café project is a testament to what we're all about at Modulate: creating spaces that not only serve a practical purpose but also have a heart. Whether you're dreaming up your own café, pondering over an office space, or considering a living area, we're here to make it happen. Our container range, offering both standard and extra-wide options, is perfect for those looking to maximise their space in a smart and stylish way.

If this glimpse into the Zig Zag Railway Café has sparked some ideas, or if you're just keen to learn more about what we can do for you, we'd love to chat. At Modulate, we're all about bringing your unique visions to life, one modular building at a time.

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