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Dalas Kitchen Food Container

Container Size

6.10m x 2.4m New Build High Cube (HC) Shipping Container


Premium Heavy Duty Paint - Custom Colour

Personal Access (PA) Door

1 x Personal Access (PA) Door - 820mm W x 2040mm H

Service Awning

1 x Service Awning with Electric Actuators - 4000mm W x 1200mm H


Flat Lay Vinyl Sheet - R10 Slip Resistant & 100mm Coving


50mm Fire Retardant Bondor Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Panelling


3 x Premium Vents (400mm W x 400mm H) for Refrigeration Exhaust

Floor Waste

1 x Premium Vinyl Floor Waste


6 x LED Downlights
3 x Circuit 20amp Extra Circuit 2.5mm
1 x Data Point
3 x Pendant Lights
8 x 10amp Double GPO
1 x 20amp Single GPO
1 x Thermal Smoke Detector
1 x Light Switch
1 x Switchboard
1 x J-Box

Cafe Equipment

Installed by Client

This special project has found its home in Palm Beach, Queensland—a bespoke cafe container crafted with care for Dalas Kitchen. It's a project that perfectly captures our passion for creating spaces that are not just functional but also have their own unique charm. For a taste of what Dalas Kitchen has to offer, head over to their website at

Choosing a vibrant light green and white for the colour scheme, this container stands out with a lively, inviting vibe. We've coated it in a heavy-duty two-pack paint, thickly applied to protect against the weather and keep the cafe looking great for years to come.

One of the coolest features of this cafe container is the electric actuated awnings, which are super easy to operate with just a turn of a key. This nifty feature is all about making life a little easier, doing away with the manual effort usually needed to manage large steel awnings.

Knowing the little things make a big difference, we've included vermin-proof air vents, perfectly aligned with the kitchen setup inside. These vents are all about keeping the place cool and comfortable, especially important when everything's locked up after a long day.

The customer picked an R12 anti-slip vinyl with a hint of pink, which not only looks great with the green but also makes the space safer and easier to keep clean, even on the busiest days.

While this container was prepped and ready for Dalas Kitchen to add their own touch with kitchen and cafe equipment, we usually kit out our cafe containers with everything from workbenches and sinks to full-size range hoods. It all depends on what you need for your cafe to thrive.

This project for Dalas Kitchen is a prime example of how we at Modulate Group blend practical solutions with a bit of personality and style. If you're dreaming of your own cafe space or just curious about what we can do, we'd love to chat.

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