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Swing City Golf - Golf Ball Washer


6.10m x 2.4m New Build High Cube (HC) Shipping Container


Premium Heavy Duty Paint - Exterior (Two-tone Colour) & Interior


1 x Personal Access (PA) Door - 820mm W x 2040mm H
1 x Roller Door - 1800mm W x 2100mm H


Commercial Grade R10 Vinyl - 100mm Coving
w/ Vinyl Floor Waste


- 2 x LED Cool White Flare
- 2 x Double IP56 GPO
- Switchboard
- Jbox


2 x Premium Vents - 400mm W x 400mm H

Whirly Birds

2 x Whirly Birds

This unique custom build was designed for Swing City Golf in Sydney, NSW ( This purpose-built modular structure has been specifically tailored to house a massive machine for washing golf balls, providing a functional and efficient solution for their needs.

One of the striking features of this project is the eye-catching two-tone color scheme achieved using a durable two-pack heavy-duty paint. We take pride in our ability to customise the appearance of our containers, and we are excited to offer the same level of customisation for your projects. Whatever color you desire, we can bring your vision to life.

To ensure easy access to the interior and seamless operation of the machinery, we have installed a roller door on the end wall. This feature guarantees convenience and efficient workflow for Swing City Golf, allowing easy movement of the golf balls and equipment.

Inside the modular building, we have created the perfect wet room to accommodate the ball washing machine. The steel floor has been epoxy painted and overlaid with R12 anti-slip vinyl, ensuring a safe and secure environment for operators. To guarantee waterproofing, we have gone the extra mile by welding a steel flat plate and utilising fully welded steel plates to fill any gaps, providing a watertight seal and preventing any leaks or damage.

The electrical setup in this modular building is IP66 rated, meaning it is highly resistant to dust and water ingress. This robust electrical system can withstand light showers from the ball wash machine, ensuring reliable and safe operation even in challenging conditions.

At Modulate, we are committed to delivering custom modular building solutions that meet the unique requirements of each project. This Swing City Golf project showcases our dedication to providing functional, durable, and visually appealing structures.

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