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3 Reasons to Choose a Modulate Office Over a Standard Modular Office

Updated: May 20, 2022

Unlike most industry standard modular office buildings, the Modulate Office will last decades and save you money on maintenance. See below other reasons to choose a Modulate Office.

Reason 1: Save Maintenance Cost on Your Portable Office

When we engineered the Modulate Office, it was important for us to look at the industry and see what can be done better. Based on our market research, businesses (e.g., construction and mining companies), who were most likely to use portable offices complained about their high maintenance costs.

With that in mind, we developed the Modulate Office. Using a shipping container as a basis, we engineered a product that has a design life of 25 years and still comes in a wide range of sizes (6x2.4m, 6x3.0m or 6x3.5m). The built quality and strength of material used makes our Modulate Office stand out and considerably decreases your maintenance costs.

In addition, the average product lifespan of a portable office is around 10 years, especially if it’s being regularly transported between sites. With a 25 years design life, a Modulate Office will last much longer.

Contact us if you want to save money on your portable office maintenance.

Reason 2: Create More Space in your Yard for your Modular Office Building

Craving more space in your Yard? No problem. Any of the Modulate Offices can be easily stacked. Even our widened office containers can be stacked on top of each other using stackable linking locks.

How to stack containers safely? You can either use a crane or a forklift to lift the modified Office Container. If you use a crane, attach the lifting lugs to the four corners at the top of the container, called corner castings. Alternatively, if you use an industrial forklift, an experienced forklift operator can unload the modified office container from trucks and stack them.

Stacking Modulate Offices not onlyhelps with increasing your yard space, but you can also increase your office space by adding staircases to your stacked Offices. Construction and/or demolition companies, such as Major Projects Group benefit from this option, as office space for commercial demolition projects is scarce.

Major Projects Group used to hire a Modular Office Building for projects, but since its sister company Modulate Containers manufactured offices, it switched from an industry standard portable office over to a Modulate Office.

Working on mine sites around the country, especially in cyclone prone areas, Major Projects Group also benefits from Modulate Office’s cyclone rated design. Withstanding Category 2 and 3 cyclonic wind categories, the Modulate Office is ideal for use in regions C and D in Queensland, Western Australia and Northern Territories.

Reason 3: Most Portable Construction Site Office

Finally, the Modulate Containers Office is as easily transportable as a standard shipping container. Even the extra wide offices can easily be put on a track. Especially if it’s used as a Construction Site Office, where it often moves between construction sites, the Modulate Office provides a clear advantage in terms of being a portable office solution.

By simply loading and unloading the modified container from the truck, the modified portable office may be lifted using a standard forklift or a suitable crane.

It can then be transported by road in a single high configuration, using the internal lower standard container twist lock configuration. This is how the Modulate Office is truly an instant transportable office.

If you are interested in receiving more information about our Modulate Office, request a quote now, and one of our sales representatives will be in touch.



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