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How Our Phased Shipping Container Modification Approach can Benefit Your Cashflow?

Updated: May 20, 2022

Managing cashflow is a hot topic right now, particularly with the pandemic having created uncertainty about the future. Companies are hesitant to commit to a large outlay in the current environment, particularly with infrastructure. This is where Modulate Containers can offer a workable solution.

Reason 1: Use a Phased Shipping Container Modification Approach to Manage Cashflow and Expand as Needed.

We provide a pre-design service, where you can look at planning large structures, portable office solutions, office complexes or stackable multi-unit towers, but stagger the construction process to accommodate your budget restrictions and manage your cashflow. Units can be manufactured and supplied as needed, allowing you room to expand and grow at your own pace.

Traditional construction comes with a large outlay and an inflexible scalability. Shipping container construction allows you to start small and future-proof your growth.

Contact us if you want to look at scalability future options for your business.

Reason 2: Offsite Construction of Modular Buildings

Once each additional shipping container is required, we manufacture the container on site at our large manufacturing facility in Mayfield, NSW. Once completed, we simply transport it to site and our set-up team will either stack or add the new container to the existing structure. This allows minimal disruption to your productivity and can usually be completed in less than half a day.

Reason 3: Adaptability of Modular Buildings

A traditionally constructed building can take many weeks to be modified, with sections of the building unusable and inaccessible during renovations. A modular shipping container set up is easy to modify and move around at short notice, resulting in minimal disruption to your work schedule and productivity.

Shipping containers once modified can easily be modified again, meaning you can switch a workspace into an accommodation option, or convert a storage unit into a Construction Site Office. If you need to move location, our transportable offices can go with you. The possibilities are endless.

Reason 4: Timeline Consultation

Our team of design experts will discuss your plan from the outset, advising and collaborating with you on how best to phase your project. We’ll help you bring your vision to life, to provide the best possible outcome for your productivity, cashflow and future growth.

If you are interested in receiving more information about our scalable Modulate Offices, request a quote now, and one of our sales representatives will be in touch



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