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How Can You Scale Up Your Business With Shipping Containers?

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

Are you looking to take your business to the next level? In this fast-paced world, being able to quickly scale your organisation is essential in ensuring you can remain ahead of your competitors. Whether needing a mobile site office, additional restrooms or extra kitchen space, modified shipping containers are a fantastic and highly versatile solution.

These unique containers can be transformed into almost any space imaginable, and they can be completed far quicker than building traditional brick and mortar buildings. How can you use this new mobile site office to your advantage? We take a look at some of their biggest advantages:

How can a rapidly growing business utilise shipping containers?

When it comes to scaling your organisation, shipping containers are able to help rapidly growing businesses in many ways. Some of the most effective include:

Quickly add square footage to your facility

One of the biggest advantages of using a mobile site office for your organisation is that it can help you to instantly add square footage to your workplace. This is particularly useful for the rapidly rising eCommerce industry, where businesses are often in a quick need of storage to store products before being shipped to customers.

Hiring a larger warehouse would be a long-term solution, but this requires significant investment and upfront costs. On the other hand, a modified shipping container is a far quicker and more affordable solution.

Secure server rooms or document storage

Of course, while that additional space might allow eCommerce businesses to temporarily store their products, modified shipping containers can also act as a secure facility. Keeping documents safe and secure is often a vital requirement for rapidly growing businesses, but this can take up a lot of precious space. That is why these mobile offices can be a fantastic way to securely store your documents.

Of course, it’s not just about physical documents. A secure container can also act as the perfect server room or data centre. These spaces often require stringent air conditioning and cooling systems, which can mean they are difficult to implement in existing properties. Being able to place them in a specially modified container is a fantastic alternative that lets you quickly scale your IT systems.

The perfect mobile site office

Is your office team on the rise? Are you finding that you are having to cram more workers onto your existing desks? Modified shipping containers can make for a perfect mobile site office that will allow you to quickly add additional desk space as required.

Hiring new employees is critical for organisations that are rapidly growing, so ensuring that they have the right space to work from can help you strengthen your team.

How can you modify shipping containers?

Shipping containers can be modified to meet almost any requirement, and you can turn this space into anything that you need. There are multiple ways that your shipping container can be modified:

1. Exterior branding

One of the best things about modified shipping containers is that you can quickly and easily add your own branding to the exterior. Whether it is painting it in your corporate colours or adding a logo to the door of your mobile site office, you can personalise your unit as needed.

2. Interior

Of course, it’s not just the exterior that you can customise. You will also be able to modify the entire interior design of your container, including the walls, ceiling and floors.

3. Kitchen equipment

Not only do shipping containers make for a fantastic mobile site office, but they can also be a great functional space, such as an additional kitchenette. You can add sinks, cooking facilities and counters to allow staff to prepare lunch.

4. Restroom facilities

These modified shipping containers can also be equipped with plumbing facilities to become an additional restroom for your organisation.

5. Security features

Shipping containers are naturally quite secure units, but you can add additional security features such as security alarms, additional door locks and even CCTV equipment.

What are the benefits of using modified shipping containers for your business?

Whether you are looking for a mobile site office, additional storage space or a secure server room, there are many benefits to utilising a modified shipping container for your business, including:

Unique space

One of the best things about a modified containers is that they are truly unique. They are an eye-catching addition to your business that will help draw attention and ensure that you can stand apart from your competitors.

This is particularly useful for those working in retail or hospitality, acting as a feature that will stop passers-by in their tracks and entice them to come and see you.

Shipping Container Kiosk
Picture 2: URBNSURF Melbourne - Check In Counter


Another major benefit of using a modified shipping container for your business is that they are highly cost-effective. In comparison to creating a new structure or buying a larger premises, these units are incredibly affordable.

Alongside being more affordable, modified containers are also a far quicker solution. This ensures that you do not need to face any lengthy downtime or disruption to the smooth running of your business.


Expanding your operations with these modified units is also a great way to help ensure that you are increasing the sustainability of your business and reducing your carbon footprint.

Customers are increasingly looking to engage with organisations that are working to be more sustainable. Taking steps to improve your green credentials can help you to increase your reach and maximise your sales.


Modified containers are also incredibly long-lasting and durable. These units are designed to withstand the elements on long journeys around the world, so they can last many years when maintained correctly.

This can give you complete peace of mind that your unit will be there whenever you need it. That means whether you need to quickly and temporarily scale up or you need a more permanent space; these modified containers can be there to help you.

Want to add a modified container to your business?

If you are looking to start scaling your business and give your employees the space they need to thrive, then Modulate Containers is here to help you. We pride ourselves on delivering the very best spaces possible for our clients, and for over twenty years, we have been helping businesses across a wide array of sectors.

No matter whether you need a mobile site office or a unique new outdoor café, our highly experienced team will help you give these containers a completely new lease of life. Our goal is to become the leading container refurbisher in Australia, and we are dedicated to delivering outstanding talent that stands out from our rivals and gives you the complete peace of mind that you’re in the very best hands possible.

So if you want to discover the many benefits that a modified container can bring to your business, get in touch with our friendly team today, who will be happy to help!


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