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Are Modified Shipping Containers Safe and Secure?

Updated: May 20, 2022

Construction and mining companies have often used shipping containers to securely store items on their sites. For their site amenities, those businesses typically use modular buildings. Yet, modified shipping containers are also a great alternative to modular buildings for site amenities, as they are generally safer and more secure.

Add Security Modifications to your Modified Shipping Container

No matter the site amenities (e.g., break room, site accommodation, training rooms, portable offices), if you are looking to secure your assets and keep your staff safe, there are a wide range of security options you can add to your modified shipping container. Those include fitting out the container with sturdy, steel doors, roll-up doors, windows with burglar bars, deadbolt locks, lockboxes, and numerous other security measures.

To further secure your modified shipping container, we can also add motion-activated lighting, alarm systems, and security cameras.

Security matters, but the comfort and safety of your staff is also important. To make our modified shipping containers liveable through our Aussie summers and winters, we fully insulate them and install dual split system air-conditioning, therefore providing a comfortable space for your staff throughout the year.

Contact us if you want to add securirty options to your modified shipping container.

Protection against Environmental Threats

Shipping containers are built from weathering steel and are durable and extremely tough. They were designed to carry valuable cargo through dangerous weather over extremely long distances. With that use-case in mind, it comes as no surprise that shipping containers can withstand extreme weather conditions.

The high strength-to-weight ratio, and the fact that shipping containers can absorb energy very efficiently compared to standard modular buildings, means that modified shipping containers are a great option for cyclone and earthquake prone areas.

Additionally, several regions in Australia have been plagued by mice infestation. Fortunately, the durable steel of modified shipping containers also prevents rodents and other pest intrusions.

Request a quote now and find out more about how you can increase your employees’ sense of security on your site by using one of our modified shipping containers.



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